Welcome to Create Dinners!
Whether you're here to feast your eyes upon photos from our previous dinners, steal delicious recipes, shop so you can recreate and host your own dinner, or applying to join us at our next dinner, we're glad you're here. 
Create Dinners started as a dream that Kate Edwards had from long ago (read more in the Meet section) that came to fruition in May 2016. She sent out an email to several of her creative friends, asking if anyone would be interested in helping with a dinner by contributing their creative talents for free, and in return, receive images that she'd shoot for their personal uses on blogs, websites, and social media. All but those unavailable were on board, and on May 22, the first group of seven gathered together for Dinner No. 1. 
The night was perfect and almost immediately, Dinner No. 2 was in the works. The Dinner No. 1 masterminds reached out to other creative friends to see if they wanted to bring a creative offering... and they did! We held another amazing successful dinner, and realized that invitations to these dinners couldn't be confined to our close friend group. We needed to reach a larger group of creatives. 
Create Dinners are now held every season in Los Angeles - each with a different theme and different line up of sixteen talented women. Anyone may apply to attend and fill one of our open seats by sharing what creative contribution they'd like to make. For those who want to surround themselves with creativity, and take their intimate gathering to the next level, Create Dinners offers partnerships
Hope to see you around the table!