Dinner No. 1

Hello! Kate here!

For the last year or so, I’ve had a dream to gather a particular group of friends together. The common thread between them all you may ask? They’re all creative geniuses.

So on a morning when I woke up far too early, I sent out an email to eight different women, all with different artistic talents, and asked them if they’d be willing to do a trade for trade dinner — they bring their “offering”, and in return, I’d give them all photos to use for their blogs, websites, social accounts, etc. Collectively, we’d support each other.

To my great (and grateful) surprise, everyone received my proposal with enthusiasm, and almost everyone was available and IN. The planning began, and on May 22, the very first Dinner (Dinner No. 1) ensued! Everyone became friends, just like I’d hoped for and the whole night I wanted to cry because I felt so happy.

The lineup:

Jenn Cahill, our gracious host. She’s also the most babealicious real estate agent in all of Los Angeles. She, her husband, Timmy, and adorable baby, Elegy, live in Highland Park in a definition-of-cute house. They just finished revamping their backyard space, making for a magical environment. I’m so thankful they let us invade their space.

Elise Cahill, who you’ve seen many times on here before, came to represent The Happy Hunters. Her other half, Katie, wasn’t able to be there this time (still sad about it), but Elise carried their duo for the night by bringing an amazing craft. We made necklaces using just three simple materials. I’ve seen several of the girls since our dinner and they’ve all been sporting their new neck candy.

Jenn Sanchez did our incredible florals. We went to church together a few years ago before I moved to the beloved Glendale, and she did the flowers at Nick and I’s wedding. That was over two and half years ago and her work has only continued to blossom (lol…..) into perfection. Her designs are moody and unique and I’ve never seen an arrangement that I wasn’t wow’d by.

Shirlee Fisher brought her handmade pottery (my favorite pieces were tiny cactus magnets that I want/need about 50 of) and cards. Everything she touches turns to gold… for Elise’s older sister Kori’s baby shower a few months ago, she gifted her a ceramic mogul. You could hear an audible gasp of admiration when Kori pulled it out of the bag.

Kristin Violet designed our menu for the evening. We told her to do whatever she wanted, and of course, it looked perfectly simple and elegant. I’m also fairly certain that she did it in like 30 seconds, so all the more impressive.

And last, we wouldn’t have had a menu without a chef! Kylie Mazon, AKA Cooking with Cocktail Rings, put together our menu for the evening. She can literally create anything in her kitchen… and it is never ever bad. It’s never even “ok” for that matter. A girl who hates fish tried her salmon at our dinner, and I, a pescatarian, tried a bite of her steak crostini. SO. Next thing we know, the queen will be requesting her as a personal chef. p.s. you can read her recap from the night HERE. Recipes for most of the the dishes are there… I highly recommend giving them a whirl.

I had the pleasure of shooting and styling for the night. Major shout out to Elise for bringing a car full of props and helping with decor for the evening.