Photo captured by Katie Marble

Photo captured by Katie Marble

Kate Pauley

As a Texas native, I grew up spoiled by southern hospitality and good food. 

In high school, I told a mentor that I dreamed of having my own place so I could be more hospitable. It's a quality I'd seen and loved in others. Though it would be a long while before I'd call a place my own, she gave me a set of four plates from Anthropologie, encouraging me to hang onto my dream. I still have those plates, and every time I use them, I'm reminded of how important it is to intentionally gather around the table to share a meal with people and truly see and love each other.

Create Dinners started in May 2016 when I sent out an email to several of my closest creative friends, asking if anyone wanted to be a part of a dinner where they'd contribute their creative talents free of charge, and in return, I'd give them images for their personal uses on blogs, websites, and social media. Everyone was on board, and on May 22, the first group of seven gathered together for Dinner No. 1. 

My greatest hope for Create Dinners is that people leave to go home for the night and feel loved, inspired, and excited to keep creating. I also hope they feel full... because who wants to go to a dinner party and leave hungry? 

Today I live in Los Angeles with my dog Otter. I love all things creative from singing to painting to writing to styling to photography to cooking. Create Dinners is an outlet where I get to tap into all of those things. Hopefully it's one where you can too.

See you around the table!